Netflix in Cyprus

21/01/2016 | News & Events

Following the launch of Netflix in Cyprus, CABLENET makes the following announcement.

The launch of Netflix in Cyprus was expected for some time, given the fact that Netflix announced its intention to become a global television network over the Internet a few months ago. We feel that this new trend of legitimate telecommunication and entertainment services offered as over-the-top (OTT) over the Internet will continue in the future. CABLENET embraces these new services and considers them as complementary to the services already provided.

CABLENET’s network has seen a large increase in subscribers, which resulted to a corresponding significant increase in the company’s local and international network capacities. CABLENET’s subscribers have access to super-high speeds and of high quality services, for unlimited downloads from the Internet. This experience will not be affected at all by the launch of Netflix, since Netflix requires a minimum internet speed of 0,5 megabits per second, as stated on their website.

During the last years, CABLENET has invested heavily in high-quality TV content, including many channels in High Definition (HD) and is committed to providing world-class entertainment, whether it’s the latest movies and TV series, documentaries and sports content. Cablenet’s TV services are available at excellent value to all subscribers simply and easily.

Furthermore, the View On Demand (VOD) service, an exclusive service for CABLENET’s subscribers, gives the opportunity to its subscribers to view the most recent movies, always in Greek subtitling, and in some cases dubbed movies in Greek language.