FAQs – Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® service

1Does Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® replace my Cablenet router or modem?
The Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® system works with your existing Cablenet router or modem setup. You need to connect one of the Plume SuperPods by Ethernet to your Cablenet router or modem to make it work. If your Cablenet modem has Wi-Fi, don’t forget to turn that off as well.
2What makes Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® different from my traditional Wi-Fi router or extender?
Single router Wi-Fi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you’re close enough to the router or modem. Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters can improve coverage, but are often complicated, unreliable, and degrade performance. Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® is a cloud coordinated Wi-Fi system that gives you stable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed in every room within your home using blazing fast tri-band SuperPods™ coupled with auto-channel hop technology.
3How many SuperPods™ do I need?
For 1-2 office the two SuperPod™ pack should be sufficient. For a 3-4 office businesses, we recommend three SuperPods™. If your business has more than 4 offices, is larger than normal or has an additional area to cover, we recommend purchasing four SuperPods™. If you have any questions regarding coverage for your Business, please contact Cablenet.
4What will happen if I don’t renew my membership? Will my SuperPods™ turn into pretty wall ornaments?
The SuperPod™ devices relating to the add-on UltraWiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® service offered, shall remain in Cablenet’s ownership and shall be returned to the Company if the subscriber opts to terminate the specific service.
5What is the range of the Plume SuperPod™?
It’s difficult to provide you with exact numbers because of all the variables and configurations inside a business. While every business is unique, you can place SuperPods™ in every other room in your business. It has a range of 9-12 metres through walls and 18-24 metres for large open spaces. Our system measures the performance between each SuperPod™ and creates the best SuperPod™-to-SuperPod™ connections for you after optimisation completes.