Cablenet Biz Pack

Cablenet Business introduces the all-in-one Business pack, which is a comprehensive pack ideal for any small or medium-sized business no matter the industry segment. This Business pack provides your Business with a comprehensive set of tools which enables your business to enter the new digital era. Included in this pack is fast speed internet, fixed and mobile communication as well as Microsoft 365 standard which is all backed up with our business premium support.

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Business Services

Cablenet Biz Pack

Services included:

  • Internet access up to 120M
  • 1 x Static IP
  • 2 x Fixed Telephone Lines
  • 1 x Biz Purple Max mobile plan (Unlimited Voice, SMS and Data)
  • 1 x Microsoft 365 Business Standard (Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams)
  • 1 x 777 Special Number
  • Free Installation / Setup
  • Premium Business Support (120)
€49.90/month/subscription (incl.VAT)

Add-on Services

Biz Purple Max mobile plan

€17.85/month/subscription (incl. VAT)

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

€10.75/month/subscription (incl. VAT)


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Terms and Conditions

  1. Above package will only be applicable for areas which Cablenet covers.
  2. Offer is valid for 24 month period.
  3. Microsoft products have an annual commitment.
  4. Customers cannot decouple offer and components (e.g. offer is provided as is, whether customer uses certain components or not the offer is charged as per normal).
  5. Additional Quantity add-ons can be added to Biz Purple Max mobile plan.
  6. Maximum number of add-ons for mobile plan is 12 units.
  7. Customers can port their existing mobile number/s or get new one/s.
  8. Additional Quantity add-ons can be added to Microsoft 365 Business Standard.
  9. Maximum number of add-ons for Microsoft Business Standard is 12 add-on licenses (for Microsoft product an onmicrosoft account needs to be created), customers can migrate their licenses from other CSP providers, as long as they get the Cablenet Biz Pack.