This Agreement for the Provision of Cablenet Business Services (the “Agreement”) is made between Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd, a company which holds a license under the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law of 2004, as amended, and whose registered Office is located at NIMELI Court, Block A, 2nd floor, 41-49 Ay. Nicolaou Street, 2408 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) of the one part and the Customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”), whose particulars appear in the Business Services Offering Agreement of the other part (the “the Company” and the “the Customer” shall also referred to herein collectively as “the Contracting Parties” and individually as “a Party”),


  1. TERMS

    IN THIS AGREEMENT, except where the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

    Initial Term: Shall mean the fixed term from Service Activation Date as explained in clause 3.1 of this Agreement.

    Basic Service(s) Installation Charge: Shall mean the initial rate for the installation of the Services incurred or to may be incurred based upon the Company's Service(s) price list. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the Services are usually set up by aerial laying on.

    OCECPR: Shall mean the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation.

    General Terms and Conditions: Shall mean these General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Cablenet Business Services.

    Network: Shall mean the network of the Company, which is used by the Company for the provision of the services including any structure and any equipment, terminal points and cables which may be installed inside or outside the Customer's premises.

    Equipment: Shall mean any equipment that the Company may supply to the Customer for the purpose of providing the Services.

    Supplementary Service(s) Installation Charge: Shall mean any additional rate for the implementation of the Services’ installation including, without limitation, the fibre-optic cable installation cost at the Customer’s premises, expansion of the Company’s fibre-optic network and underground installation of the Services, as set out under this Agreement, at the Company’s absolute discretion, if, after following an on-the-spot inspection at the Premises, it appears that exceptional circumstances exist affecting the installation of the Service(s). The Supplementary Service(s) Installation Charge shall be agreed in advance with the Customer concerned on the terms laid down in the Business Services Offering Agreement.

    Service Activation Date: Shall mean the date on which the Services are activated.

    Legislation: Shall mean any law of the Republic of Cyprus in force from time to time and includes every regulation or other subsidiary legislation issued under its authority, including Decisions, Directions and Decrees of the OCECPR.

    Customer: Shall mean any natural person or legal entity contracted with Cablenet for the provision of the Services by signing the Offer.

    Offer: Shall mean the Business Services Offering Agreement, including the Appendix A and any other additional document(s) that form(s) an integral part thereof, which is signed by both the Contracting Parties.

    Installation Point: Shall mean the first point of supply of the Services installation at the Premises, unless the Company, at its absolute discretion, specifies in writing any other point as the installation point.

    Agreement: Shall mean this Business Services Agreement, which is made between the Company and the (potential) Customer, which is made up of:

    • (a) the Offer and;
    • (b) the General Terms and Conditions, consisting of the paragraphs 1-16 and of the Appendices 1 - 4.

    Services: Shall mean the electronic service or services which will be provided to the Customer hereunder as set out in the Agreement and referred to in the Offer.

    Premises: Shall mean the office, house, apartment or any other premises where the Customer carries on his business, where the installation of the Services is made.

    Service(s) Customization Charge: Shall mean the rate for the customization of the Services incurred or to may be incurred based upon the Company's Service(s) price list. The published price list may be publicly accessed via the Company's homepage.