FAQs - Mobile Telephony Services

1How can I connect to the Internet using my mobile?

In instances where the APN does not appear automatically, you will have to select it as follows:

Internet settings for iPhone devices:

  • On the home screen, select Settings
  • Select Cellular
  • Select Cellular Data Network
  • Select APN
  • Type cablenet
  • Select Menu to save settings

Internet settings for Android devices:

  • Select Apps
  • Select Settings
  • Select Wireless & Networks or Connections
  • Select More Networks or More Settings
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Select Access Point Names
  • Select the Menu button
  • Select New APN
  • Name
  • Type cablenet and select OK

Internet settings for Win 8 Phones devices:

  • On the home screen, slide your finger to the left
  • Select Settings
  • Select mobile network
  • Select add internet APN
  • Type cablenet
  • Select save to create the Internet APN
2I am already a subscriber to one of Cablenet’s Internet, Fixed Telephony and/or TV services. Could I benefit from combining these services with the Cablenet Mobile service?
Yes, you can benefit with the competitive mobile rates and also select a mobile device of your choice to bundle with your mobile services.
3I am another company’s customer. Could I get Cablenet Mobile and keep the same number?
Of course. You can keep your existing number by following the number portability procedure. For more information regarding number portability, as well as the required documentation, please call the Customer Service Centre on 120. There is no charge for the transfer procedure.
4How will I be notified that the portability procedure has been completed?
You will be notified via SMS on your mobile the day before the date set for the transfer. The new Cablenet SIM card will have to be placed in your mobile on the day and time set for the transfer in order to activate the service.
5How can I activate Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)?
You can selectively activate Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) for a call by dialling #31# before the number you wish to call. If you wish to permanently withhold your number via your device, please refer to the manufacturer’s user manual.
6If the number calling me is withheld, is there any way I can find out who it is?
Confidentiality may be waived within the framework set by legislation. For more information, please call the Customer Service Centre on 120.
7How can I divert calls and how will I be charged?
The Call Forwarding Service enables you to divert received calls to any phone number of your choice within Cyprus. When you activate Call Forwarding to another number, you will be charged as if you are the one making the call from your number to the one to which your call has been diverted. Mobile telephony networks do not provide the ability to forward SMS or MMS messages. To activate the Call Forwarding Service, please refer to the manufacturer’s user manual.
8How can I activate/deactivate blocking of 900 (premium rate) numbers?
Cablenet’s mobile network allows calls to 900 numbers by default. In order to block calls or unblock calls to 900 numbers from your mobile service, please call the Customer Service Center οn 120.
9What should I do if there is a network coverage issue in my area?
Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 120 so that we can check coverage in your area.
10Why can’t I make any calls?
When you can’t make any calls, the most likely reason is that outgoing calls from your mobile have been blocked, either through your device or due to an outstanding balance. For more information, please call the Customer Service Centre on 120.
11Why is my mobile’s signal strength not always steady?
Your mobile’s signal strength is directly affected by the distance between you and the tower transmitting the signal. As the distance between you and the tower increases, the signal strength will weaken until you connect to another signal-transmitting tower which is closer to your location.
12What should I do if I receive nuisance calls on my mobile?
You can proceed in filing a complaint at a Police Station and, subsequently, with confirmation of your complaint, visit a Cablenet store where, upon submitting your complaint, you will be asked to complete the nuisance call form in order to initiate an investigation.
13How can I activate Missed Call Notification?
To activate the Missed Call Notification service:
Send SMS to 8844 with keyword MCN ON.
The service will be activated automatically, and you will receive an SMS confirmation that it has been activated.

For any further information, please click here
14I can’t send SMS messages. What should I do?
If you can’t send SMS messages from your mobile, check SMS settings on your device and ensure that the number of the message centre is +357 94 06 66 66.
15I can’t send MMS messages. What should I do?
Cablenet’s mobile telephony network does not currently offer an MMS service.
16In how many sizes is the SIM card available?
The SIM card is available in three sizes: SIM, MicroSIM και NanoSIM.
17Could I have a second SIM card with the same number?
Cablenet’s mobile telephony network does not currently offer a ‘twinSIM’ service.
18What should I do if the phone keeps asking for a PIN or PUK?
PIN & PUK information is available on the reverse side of the SIM card. If you have lost this information, please call the Customer Service Centre on 120 so that we can give you the PUK and you may subsequently set your new PIN. The information can only be given to the owner of the SIM card.
19My mobile keeps changing signal from 3G to H+ (or even Edge) and vice versa. What should I do to remain on 3G?
You can change the network type in your device’s settings. Select ‘3G ONLY’ to ‘lock’ the network type as 3G.
20How can I contact the Customer Service Centre when I’m overseas?
If you are overseas, you may contact the Customer Service Centre on to +357 222 60 120.
21How will I be charged if I used my mobile overseas?
All Cablenet Mobile subscribers can enjoy low roaming charges for voice calls, sending of SMS and data transfer, provided that they connect to one of the networks with which our company collaborates. For any calls made or received, you will be charged according to the billing zone of the country in which you are located and the network to which you are connected.
22Where can I find my device’s IMEI?
The IMEI number is printed under your device’s battery and on the device’s packaging. It will also appear on your screen when you dial *#06#. We suggest you write down your device’s IMEI number because you will need it if you lose your mobile.
23What is the ICCID number and where can I find it?
Each SIM card has a unique international identification number. This is the ICCID number and it is printed on each SIM card.
24Are there any credit limits on my mobile plan that I should be aware of?
Yes, all Cablenet mobile plans are subject to a default Credit Limit. Your Credit Limit is set at €100 and is consumed whenever you may use your mobile line for any “out-of-bundle” services. Out-of-bundle consumption includes additional minutes or SMS beyond your inclusive credits, calls to international destinations, roaming usage not covered by the RLAH rules (see Roam Like at Home), and usage of local premium services and calls to special numbers. For more information call 120.
25Can I increase my default credit limit on my mobile plan?
Yes, if the default spending limit is depleted and you would like to boost your default spend limit by €20 for an additional 30 days, you can do so by sending an SMS to 8844 with the code CL20. If you would like to increase it by more than €20 please call 120.
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