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1What is the difference between an eSIM and a SIM?
The main difference between a SIM card and an eSIM is the physical presence. A SIM is a physical card that needs to be inserted into a device, while an eSIM is embedded into the device’s hardware. This allows the user to use mobile services without the need of a physical card.
2How does eSIM work?
The eSIM does exactly what a physical SIM would do. The only difference is that instead of inserting it in your device, you scan a QR code which contains all the data required for your device to establish a connection with Cablenet’s network.
3Is my eSIM QR code unique?
Yes, eSIM QR codes are unique. Each eSIM has its own distinct QR code that contains specific information related to the connected subscription. Once the QR code is scanned and as long as the eSIM is activated on your device, the QR code becomes inactive and cannot be used again. This unique QR code ensures that only your device can access and activate the eSIM associated with your subscription.
4How can I change to an eSIM?
You can call 120 to swap your physical SIM with an eSIM. The charge for the change will be according to the Company’s Pricelist.
5How do I set up my eSIM?
  1. Contact your Account Manager to get an eSIM Voucher.
  2. Go to the device settings and find the eSIM or cellular settings section.
  3. Choose the option to add or enable an eSIM profile.
  4. Scan the provided QR code.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the eSIM activation process.
6How many eSIM profiles can I have on my eSIM?
You can have only one profile per eSIM.
7How many eSIM profiles can I have on my device?
The number of eSIMs a device can have depends on the device’s capabilities, but many modern devices support multiple eSIM profiles.
8Is my device eSIM compatible?
You can check if your device is included in our supported eSIM devices, by checking the list with the certified devices listed in the section above.
9What is the charge for eSIM?
There is no specific up-front cost for eSIMs, apart from the Mobile Service Registration Fee which is charged for all new mobile subscriptions.
10How safe is eSIM?
eSIM technology is secure and uses encryption and authentication protocols like a physical SIM card.
11Where can I find my PIN and PUK numbers?
The PIN and PUK codes can be found on the eSIM Voucher.
12Which mobile services work with eSIM?
All mobile services can be used with an eSIM, exactly as they would with a physical SIM.
13If I change to an eSIM will i still be able to use my old SIM card?
With the activation of the eSIM, your physical SIM will be deactivated.
14How many eSIMs can I have with the same number?
Only one number can be active per eSIM.
15Can I have both physical SIM and eSIM on my device?
That depends on your device. If the device supports it then you can use a physical SIM and an eSIM simultaneously.
16What happens if I lose my phone?
In the event that your phone has been stolen or lost, you should immediately contact our Call Center (120) for the deactivation of the eSIM, to prevent it’s unauthorized use. The charge for the replacement will be according to the Company’s Pricelist.
17How do I uninstall my eSIM from a device?
  1. Go to the device settings and look for the eSIM or cellular settings section.
  2. Find the option to manage or remove eSIM profiles.
  3. Select the eSIM profile you would like to remove and follow the instructions.
18Is there a limit on how many times i can transfer my eSIM to another device?
You may transfer your eSIM to another compatible device up to 6 times. After that you will need to obtain a new eSIM Voucher.
19If I perform a factory reset of my device, will my eSIM profile be affected?
Unless the eSIM is deleted from the device, it will not be affected.
20Can I still use my eSIM if I travel abroad?
Yes, eSIM can be used abroad in the same way as a physical SIM.
21Can I switch back from an eSIM to a physical SIM?
Yes, you can switch back to a physical SIM by calling us at 120.
22Can I transfer my eSIM to a new device?
Yes, you can install the eSIM to a new device after deleting it from your existing device. You can then reinstall the eSIM by scanning the QR code on your eSIM Voucher on your new device.
23My device is not supported by your network for eSIM at the current time. Are you planning to include more eSIM supported devices in the future?
Yes, new eSIM supported devices will be added on a regular basis and the certified devices will be listed in the section above.