Network Solutions (WAN) For Business

Network Solutions National Networking Solutions (WAN) International Networking Solutions (WAN)

Network Solutions (WAN) For Business

We have something in common: we think globally irrespective of whether we are operating at a national, regional or international level.

What you need is ultrafast speed, high quality, reliability, flexibility, and adaptability.

We ensure this by providing your business with our Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint local connectivity and allowing for ultrahigh speeds of data, voice and video through Ethernet cables.

Get your passport to the interconnected world.

Let’s build the strongest network for your business together!

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My business requires rapid and efficient permanent national networking across Cyprus.

Then, National Networking Solutions (WAN) is the solution which corresponds ideally in your expectations: Layer-2 (Ethernet) and Layer-3 (VPN) technology, speeding up to 1Gbps, upgrade without service interruption. Plus, we can install it for you!

My business’ expansion at an international level, needs the relevant networking.

You can now cross the globe with International Networking Solutions (WAN). Interconnection with London, Frankfurt, Marseille, Athens and other European cities become possible, with speeds reaching up to 10Gbps and optimal provision, installation and management of terminal equipment provided by us.

What do I save and what do I gain?

Money: we have designed a unique solution based on your business’ needs. In this way, you avoid paying for service characteristics you don’t need. Further, you reduce management costs.

Time: we eliminate latencies, while your network speeds up.

Support: always remember that Cablenet Business is here to assist you technically, from the most simple to the more complicated issues your system faces. Additionally, you can now make use of the flexible Premium SMS 8120 support service: you just send us the name of your company and we call you back to solve any issue you face.

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